I Hate Advice. Spiritual Advice Included.

Why I hate stupid platitudes.

There is an annoying tendency within spiritual circles to spout annoying platitudes. “You get what you put out.” “You’re not only as happy as you make yourself.” “Your energy is too negative, that’s why bad things happen.” It’s insulting to someone to spout nonsense. There is usually some truth in the saying, there are reasons for events to occur, and yes if you act in a negative way you are more likely to have a negative response. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes events occur that you have no control over. We are at mercy of the fates.

So I am very content in saying most advice is bullshit. Most platitudes are nonsense. Life isn’t lemons or lemonade. I think the answer to crap advice is to either give helpful advice or say nothing at all. Either solve the problem or don’t say anything. To say something out of turn is insulting. Often I wonder if we should just live as the animals live. Without regard for self or politeness. The animals don’t care where they shit, they just shit wherever. Maybe we fell a little too hard from the tree and fucked up our minds in the process. That’s what I appreciated about Jennifer Lawrence’s character in Don’t Look Up. There was no concern for keeping the illusion of polite society when society itself was endangered. This is often how I feel about our current times. There was a photo I saw from Ukraine that showed office workers in Ukraine working in a bomb bunker on laptops. I was thinking to myself, how surreal. Sometimes these bunkers even look like overrun airports during a storm.

Ukrainians sheltering in the subway

Why do they feel the need to go to their pointless job when there is a war going on outside? I think emails can wait. We live in an idiotic time when emails are more important than dead people. Propaganda is spread more frequently than actual information. Governments don’t know how to tell the truth to their citizens. UFOs are flying above our heads every minute. Any advice for this time is out the window, none of it works. No wonder half the galaxy thinks we’re fucking North Korea because we are. We do live under an oppressive military regime, regardless of where you live whether in America or Russia.

We are in uncertain times. I wish I was a bit more joyful, but unfortunately “This does not spark joy” is a common trait of this time. Prayer makes you feel good but isn’t enough. We need inspiration in some form, something to bring us hope. Platitudes don’t really do that, nor does unhelpful advice. Instead, make music, give helpful advice, or move to action, I don’t know even just walk outside. I find walking outside under the stars without listening to the crap of news, media, and the internet makes most of my head feel clearer. So walk outside, look up, maybe you’ll just see a UFO.



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