People are Good, God is Bad

The gods fucked up.

“No single thing abides; and all things are fucked up.” — Another lovely quote by phil from TMTA

The title is pretty simple, this is more of a stream of consciousness post. Not long, but long enough. I’ve realized god deserves to burn in hell, god makes our lives miserable, I realized this after trying to solve a problem for months and months to no avail. Nothing I did worked, it wasn’t like a technical problem where I could look up the answer online, or maybe debug it and solve it in a few hours. It was an interpersonal one, I don’t believe the other person is a bad person, maybe they are. But my experience hasn’t taught me that, people are fearful but generally good. But rather god set this up, to me god is the universal mind behind everything, VALIS as Phil calls it. God is the grand orchestrator behind everything, as in Oz it is the wizard behind the curtain. But like the wizard, this “god” is a sham, like the demiurge of old, it has no powers other than that of illusion. It may not be singular, but plural, gods, or it may just be god. Yahweh, Jehova, Ahura Mazda, Allah, this god is a sham. This god is a piece of shit and almost destroyed Joseph by testing him for its own pleasure. Millions of people pray every day to a god that has no love for them, but at best indifference if not contempt. Indifference is more likely, maybe that’s a good thing, you might not want to attract the attention of gods. It’s strange to me people would worship this entity, Muslims, Hindu, and Christian alike. Maybe I’m no different I worship nature, or at least the good parts of it. God operates from fear, making us fearful to keep us under control, God has no intention of actually harming us, just controlling us through fear. And likewise, it is through this fear that we control each other. I try to justify this fear, oh it must be like a haunted house, or a scary movie, but you can choose to leave the movie theater. Our God doesn’t allow such things, you can’t leave a bad situation until the fates decide you can. I’ve tried, through my own effort, and it's failed.

There’s a scene from troy that encapsulates this. Achilles had no respect for the gods, for a good reason, they don’t care about us. He was trying to explain that to the priestess woman. Who lived in fear of them, he was saying to her, that they have no power other than the power of inducing fear. They are the Oz, the illusionist magicians.

The gods or god, has no concern for us, we are like ants to it, ants that can be ignored, any pleas are quickly forgotten. I try to reconcile this with my love for nature, and the harmony I see within it. How can nature be so harmonious yet, god care so little. I’m not sure if I have an answer, nature seems so perfect, yet maybe it’s not, maybe underneath it’s hiding its dark underbelly.

I don’t believe the people who wronged me are bad people but made bad decisions out of fear, and distrust, maybe I would have made the same decisions in their position. but I’m not and so I get angry at them. However, I can’t blame them any more than I can blame my cat for running away from me when I have a bucket of water. Maybe there’s too much fear in our current situation, on this planet too much fear of everything. I blame this on God, maybe we are god as Watts says, either way, I have to blame someone so I blame god. The mind, the orchestrator behind this all, the one that pulls the strings as the wizard did, but who was a sham.

The False Prophet

So I’m done with god, with hope, with faith, with even love. I want things to get better for many people, but I’m not sure they will. Maybe we need hope even though it’s useless. I don’t think god works in value judgements, but if it/he can understand this shit, then so be it. People are good, god is bad. People deserve heaven, and god deserves to burn in hell.



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