Society of Fear

Dune — Frank Herbert

Fear is a strange emotion, one that invokes the worst of the worst. We assume the worst, in case it comes true. Usually, there is an intuition to our fear but it’s rarely correct. I fear a lot of things, the dark still comes to mind. I often drive out into the deserted landscape in the middle of the night and exist in compelling darkness. I fear demons out there but none come to hurt me. However, sometimes I’ve seen the strangest of things out in the darkness. Why am I writing about this now?

With recent events and a bullshit quarantine that continues in parts of the world. We seem to live in an increasingly fearful place. I think it is time to review a scene from V for Vendetta that illuminates this paradox of fear. In this scene, V monologues about the security state and how the populace willingly gave in to its control. False flags abound going back years ago. The media really is as culpable as the security state because they’re the ones propagating this crap.

I didn’t always buy into the QAnon theories but I do think there is some legitimacy to the idea of a cabal deep state which has control over the media and is perpetuating a false notion of security to the American people and all over the world. QAnon is dismissed without a second thought but even liberal commentators have discussed this notion of a deep state of intelligence agencies and police agencies. It’s not really as much of a partisan issue as one might believe but a moral one. If you really want a new perspective, pay attention to how what you read affects you emotionally. Does it induce anger or fear? Maybe there’s some intention behind that.


People love to quote Orwell and he had good essays on the subject of media lies. However, I don’t think there are any good writers on the subject recently, maybe Cory Doctorow with cyberpunk writings on state surveillance. We live in a society of fear, the media is what perpetuates this. Like porn becomes addictive to the sexual mind, or drugs addict the hedonistic mind, violence, and crime become addictive to the violent shadow of our mind. We criticize Iran or Korea but we in the western world live in a police state controlled by politicians and propagandized by the media. Even in 1984, we were heading towards an impasse with the beginning of “Islamic terror” and the AIDS crisis. I find it strange that “Islamic terror” attacks accelerated during the new millennium at the same time as the creation of Homeland Security in the United States. The 2005 London underground bombings occurred a few months before the release of V for Vendetta, with V basically explaining how our entire fascist national security state works. Many commentators were quick to point out how this is basically how the pharmaceutical industry got rich during the pandemic.

Now getting into the weirdness. I suspect most extraterrestrial groups aren’t particularly happy with the situation. I think they are planning to do something about it but I’m not sure what. Many of them have something like the prime directive but they can also breach the law in special circumstances. I think we fit those circumstances right now. Could these beings expose the factions that control us and if so will they do so soon? I hope so, for all our sakes. We must fix it but we need help to do so. Right now there are several extraterrestrial factions working together to expose the cabal that the late Paul Hellyer warned us about years ago. Most of them are doing this for their reasons but like America can’t let North Korea fall apart, nor can they let Earth do so too. We are in the end times, the end of the state of fear, that is the real cure to our problems.

If you don’t believe we live in a fear-based society look at the media. The first story on BBC for me is about death and destruction in Mariupol. Regardless of the truth of this story, do we really need to see that crap on the front page of the BBC? I don’t notice car bombings going on every day or mass rapists roaming the streets. Maybe you live in Somalia but even that country doesn’t look so bad. I’m not saying there aren’t some dangers out there but most of the danger is overstated. We live in a constant defense mode afraid of dangers that might lurk. Try to relax and enjoy the show.



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