When The Mind Lies

A Yi Jing Reading

What do you do when your mind lies to you. Tells you blatant mistruths that you know are nonsense. Unconformable rumor and hearsay. Your delusional mind takes over and confuses you even more. So I consulted the Yi Jing to determine whether I’m crazy.

I asked the Yi Jing, “Why does it lie to me?”, it replied.

Wilhelm/Baynes: In the well there is a clear, cold spring from which one can drink.

I looked at the editor notes.

When our conscious attitude is open to inner truth, that truth is reflected in the world. The image suggests that an outer attitude reflects an inner reality. See line six for the subtle difference between the two image

It seems to say to me, when we are open to what we learn inside then we will see it happen outside as well. I don’t know how that was the meaning. To me a well is a source and that source has run dry. Where is this clear spring?

I ask it “what is true?” It replied.

Wilhelm/Baynes:The Marrying Maiden as a concubine. A lame man who is able to tread. Undertakings bring good fortune.

Wilhelm/Baynes: A one-eyed man who is able to see. The perseverance of a solitary man furthers.

The second line is obvious, to persevere even though one is alone in their understanding is important. However the first is more cryptic. I read the notes and it makes more sense.

A. An image of making do with what you have. Get by as best you can.

To be a concubine means one is in an inferior position to the wife. You must make the best of the situation.

I hesitate to continue questioning. But I ask it once more.

Is it mind over matter or matter over mind?

The response is lame. Hexagram 31! Influence

Wilhelm/Baynes:Influence. Success. Perseverance furthers. To take a maiden to wife brings good fortune.

Influence is about attracting an other. To determine the truth one must determine which position one is more attracted to. Attraction is the most fundamental force in the universe. It holds atoms and galaxies together, joins nations, and builds bridges. Are you more attracted to mind or matter? I realize that both positions are correct because mind influences matter and matter influences mind. That is what influence is.

I damned this scientific materialist consensus for gaslighting me. We live in a strange universe and to not accept that makes one more insane than sane. To accept the multi-dimensionality of reality makes explaining it easier not harder. What am I to say of my own mental state? Confusing to say the least. I hope things get better.



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Robert Ford

Robert Ford

I once wrote android software at Delos, now I write about the unseen realities of our universe.